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going to go to macau he's going to take a like a billionaire in bitcoin that he's got and it's a mind forty seven dollars and we're going to put all the roulette wheel and we're going to go big now i want to turn to an article from james howard kunstler at concert dot com and basically he's talking about the fact that americans put it all on red the red states maggie maggie hat make america great again they voted for trump and the reason why they voted for trump is the financialization of the consequences of that and it's all funny in light of what also happened last week of this repeated thing of everybody all the markets sitting around waiting for the central bank waiting for the wizard of oz waiting for the wizard of oz to raise rates lower rates we use rates well what is the guidance this wizard of oz is going to offer us well the fact is the wizard of oz can do nothing about price discovery and that is coming soon things to come as our politicians keep deeper into illegal istic wilderness hunting for phantoms of russian collusion nobody pays attention to
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the most dangerous force in american life then raveling financialization of the economy and what is financialization well this is how james howard kunstler defines it financialization is what happens when the people in charge create colossal sums of money out of nothing by issuing loans aka debts and then cream off dependence profits from the asset bubbles interest rate arbitrage has and other opportunities for swindling that the artificial wealth presents it was a kind of magic trick that produced monuments of concentrated personal wealth for a few and left the rest of the population drowning in obligations from a stolen future the future is now upon us and this is what i call interested apartheid in america if you're below the interest rate apartheid line then if you go to the bank and you say lend me ten thousand dollars they would then give you this money and a cost of eight nine ten percent you know it's a payday loan it could be twenty percent fifty percent. sixty percent interest
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rates if you're above the interest rate apartheid wall then you go to the bank and say like to borrow a billion dollars and the bank effectively. that billion dollars at zero percent interest and it's a anon it's a forgivable loan in other words you never have to pay it back and that's that's not an exaggeration if you have a certain place in society if you're entitled in this society you live in the right area and not on the bantustan of the middle class you can get forgivable loans for almost any amount at zero percent interest rate and that's the financialization so in the bank makes that billion dollar loan it's not coming from deposits in the bank they simply create a entry in their in their computer system and they say ok now this billion dollars it now is created it's this exists and never has to be paid back and he's correct in that sense what is incorrect about in my opinion is that we've seen the
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financialization collapse in two thousand and eight and the response amongst the central banks around the world federal reserve bank bank of england bank of japan european central bank was to make these loans to the privileged class not for a billion dollars they made loans of over fifteen trillion dollars to the bankers in america and the united kingdom and in europe to pay down on their bond deposits that were technically insolvent remember they said a smaller insolvency problem it's a liquidity problem even though it wasn't insolvency problem so mike my point being that due to central banks of another fifteen trillion dollars to create in this way yes they do so that's why i don't agree that this is the time for the financialization bubble to implode to collapse i don't think it's time yet these banks have another fifteen trillion dollars to create the european central bank. bank of japan is an. never ending fountain of free cash percent interest rate so
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this is a way to go he does say that financialization has done some interesting things namely new york city said if you look at it the brooklyn especially all this money has redevelop the city you live here the sixty's seventy's eighty's ninety's and it stayed the same cruddy you know rat infested crime infested city and now it's like a lot of great food great coffee amazing buildings apartments millions and millions of dollars apartments and that's one thing it has added but it's geographically concentrated event goes on to say what's happened with all those who voted for maggie quite a bit of that wealth was extracted from asset stripping the rest of america where financialization was absent kind of a national distress sale of the fly over places and the people in them that dynamic of course produced the phenomenon of president donald trump the distilled essence
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of all the economic distress out there and the rage it entailed the people of ohio indiana and wisconsin were left holding a big bag of nothing and they certainly noticed what had been done to them so they had no idea what to do about it except maybe try to escape the moment by moment pain of their ruined lives with powerful drugs he's saying that it was the hollowing out. they do need something they do need some sort of like tear on capital to kind of like capitalize and leverage up these trillions of. market was drilled for a huge banker bonuses and then now go into the auto subprime auto market the student loan market the obamacare is a huge subsidy to the pharmaceutical industry look america is a socially a huge graveyard and it's you know layered the layer of the native americans and on top of that one hundred million dead african slaves and now on to the new layer of the american cemetery are white middle. class people and that's the lives that have
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to be sacrificed for financialization but if you're going to stop it would require somebody to take the central bank or america janet yellen carly and force or by any means necessary to start raising interest rates enough to increase the cost of fraud to increase the cost of financialization and that's not going to happen but bloomberg news was also reporting on this i want to show you the headline before i get to his son nation from james howard kunstler compare now for the end of the bull market so they're also saying it but not with as much creative language as james howard kunstler is able to use but he considers also a great observer of the american people and the wasteland that is our bad economics from the bubbles to the suburbia and i'm going to break a few times during the summer because it's quite long but it is quite colorful and
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now the rather pathetic false promises of president trump the whole maggette thing is unraveling at exactly the same time that the financial eyes the con me is entering its moment of final catastrophic phase change the monuments to wealth especially the stock and bond portfolios and the presumed value of real estate investments will surrender to a process you might call price discovery from hell revealing their worth to be somewhere between little and nothing price discovery from hell he reckons will come up one day you think it's another fifteen trillion to go but as you invented the technology called the price of virtual specialist technology price discovery technology he says this is going to come no matter what how what janet yellen whatever all of the central bankers or whatever they do the interest rates however negative they might drive them in some parts of the world our many assets they buy the fact is price discovery will eventually arrive no matter how they could only put it off they can't stop what will happen. change the course of financialization
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in my view would be a catastrophic ecological phase change for example the gulf stream which keeps britain somewhat warm then it's a lot of today compatriot moscow is the gulf stream and go straight is at threat of reversing course and you'd have a complete and catastrophic shift in global weather patterns. or you would have. an ice sheet break off of the poles and sea levels rise an inch or two and that will stop the financialization it will bring in an eco whole cost but he thinks just the mathematical essence of what our economy i want to i disagree with him because there's no end to the amount of decimal points you can put on financialization in there we're going to run out of zeros to say that this bond is collateralized by a penny a fraction of a penny a fraction of a fraction
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a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a you can never you never run out of zeros to say it's not a fraction despite what dennis hopper says apocalypse now is more about what marlon brando said at the end the horror. you know turns the camera on the lights right here to kill it is like. that that was not a good mom brando project yeah really it's all about the coney it was ation right and we're cool colonized by debt and he says james howard kunstler this is who i'm reading he says that the end of it the price discovery from hell is arriving and the accumulated monstrous debts of persons corporations and sovereign societies will be suddenly shockingly absolute in self evidently unpayable in the securities represented by them will be sucked into that kind of war to seize of time space depicted in movies about mummies and astronauts this more about the colon as ation . in the colonization the amount of.
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the semi-colons cold to try this slash fecal matter that is collateralized doing this mountain of financialization of this pyramid scheme is still growing as long as there are a will to collateralize there's nothing stopping it but but but will you saw his last sentence in your mind you know we're in this vortex because he did say and all of the sudden avatars of that wealth will see their lives turn to. just like the boiling budweiser gulping oxycontin and rat addled deplorable in the flat boring parking lot wastelands of their room drive and utopia saw their lives rendered into a brown and yellow school bus running hot down the toilet of history there you go. oh mentors are able to be collateralized in the soul look at that by the fraud but by the frog is a mean coin it's an avatar that's what james howard kunstler is failing to see i mean i like my idea of the goal of this nation i mean that's another neo loge ism
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that i can count unaided on this right program for the folks out there and the audience who watching this and airports and hotel rooms around the world some of them in compromising positions that they can collateralized to sell forward as a compromise position futures contract and probably make a billion dollars and sell that to james howard kunstler he can put it in his pipe and smoke it states a turn for the second half john titus is up he made a brilliant shell oh it's so great. start to. write. him a cool discoveries over the last century made every day. but at what cost this this serial is exceptionally oxic. the wonder it's confidential.
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years old industrial giants reaps the benefits. by chemical production. as if these people are people just. the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem have not actually been addressed will lead investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. in. this respect. to integrate. the refugees at the same time we cannot accept everybody that comes to all come from countries all countries have to. come through
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so. as. to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks to fight the battles that still. produce the tell you that the. most important day. off the bat doesn't tell you on the coolant and that's why. we. will watch. if you choose not to post the official girlfriend. i'll. do a lot. i still. hold me. in
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a loop in a dose of the i will give you. this if you. just . have to leave the most but you can really do. the barbecue at the bar. was i don't know that my mind off of the whole point itself was based on what the old. buddy investigate police officers behavior as well. l.t. drugs in the west and i'll bet a presence here. called many people as you close.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to turn to john titus he is the filmmaker behind all the plenary men available on the web john welcome thank you max good to be here i want to just mention the opening statement here in the film and then break it down for us and you point out here this is a transcript of the film when you don't see the hard evidence that you're missing is that cabinet members carried out treasonous orders from overseas to help a criminal cartel wage an all out war on americans of course this refers back to the just b.c. twenty twelve incident so let's break this down give us a broader just a quick dirty dirty down and dirty what's the big event here the big event is the wake of h.s.b.c. which is admitted to a laundering money for drug dealers and terrorists and what we knew in two thousand and twelve was they had admitted that and nobody went to jail and the question is why and in two thousand and sixteen republican members of the house financial services committee released a report and we learned new information them and one of the big things we learned
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was that the justice department had actually planned to prosecute h.s.b.c. but that it reversed itself and the reason it reversed itself was a george osborne who was at that time chancellor of the exchequer in the u.k. has sent a letter to tim geithner and to ben bernanke he. and he said basically back off and then from that point on eric holder who was the attorney general the time basically backed down and not only backed down but then entered into ultimately a deferred prosecution agreement in which any number of immunities were granted to h.s.b.c. in those communities are quite serious because even the sitting president of the united states legally does not enjoy the immunities that b.c. was granted in a different prosecution agreement this is incredibly important during these days of terrorism and the rise of terrorism especially in the united kingdom and in london
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where folks are asking themselves why do we have all this terrorist activity suddenly and there's a direct link to the banks and there's a direct link to his b.c. because they were directly involved in financing terrorism and yet the letter that you refer to here is a copy it's available online it's dated september tenth of twenty twelve it's to ben bernanke the chairman of the federal reserve system that's from george osborne and you break down this letter you back out of the law correct i've been a federal litigator for over twenty years and you know how it is sussed out the legal ease and you point out in the particular phrase and here that the way it's described in the film was you know you could smell the powder away from here you know this was a senior legal barrister coming in and crafting some of this language can you just touched on the supreme flea sure that the letter is it sounds like for multiple paragraphs and then all of a sudden the middle of the letter there appear to very very curious statements and the reason they're curious is that they are loaded with legal ease that would not
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necessarily be obvious to a lay person but the real red flag in those two sentences is the second sentence where ozment supposedly says to back into geitner. it's our job meaning the u.k. financial officials george osborne mervyn king and adair turner to enforce global standards and rules and that's a huge red flag because that is not their job their job is to enforce u.k. rules in other words british law and their job is to enforce european commission law but by no stretch of the imagination the u.k. financial fishes go around enforcing global standards and rules and so the question then becomes what global standards the rules you're talking about because whatever they are that's why each s.b.c. got reversed by eric holder ok so there's three players there's america there's britain then there's this other entity we're going to touch on in a second here so h.s.b.c. was got prosecutors about
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a prosecutor in america for massive money laundering massive drug money laundering caused tens of thousands of deaths attorney general eric holder at the time neck deep in this transgression if you well of all standards of decency and law then you have of course the george osborne the exchequer of the exchange in britain where h.s.b.c. isn't likely domiciled it's a british bank writing this letter to american federal reserve chairman ben bernanke and as you point out in the language of this letter it goes from saying we over here in britain are really concerned about this because this is a multi billion hundred you know it's a trillion that's a is that delta merely a multi-billion dollar fine and then he brings in this language suggesting there's a third party there's a third party at work here and this is what people have to understand why do these banks keep getting given these communities why is there so much financial fraud around the world why is there no accountability why do bankers not go to jail because of this third party which talk about this ok so the two sentences i
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referred to the second one which is we reinforce global standard rules the first sentence says to bernanke and geithner it is of course it's for you to decide on her. don't force compliance in your jurisdiction and so that casual person might say well that means u.s. law you're means in the us it doesn't those are loaded legal terms and what he is doing osbourne is leading geitner he is signaling them to look at global standards and rules and the way you get to that is if you look at bernanke and geithner on the american side and you look at mervyn king and their turn george wasn't on the british side off i remember as of a group called the financial stability board in the bank for international settlements ambassador say as part of the b.i.l.'s in switzerland correct. the f.s.b. has some interesting members it's got marconi for example correct he was the chairman
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of the f.s.b. he was then and he is to this day and they do the bidding of the folks that effectively are crafting the law that bypasses the sovereignty of britain and america correct it supersedes sovereignty another words the financial stability board released in late two thousand and eleven a list of banks called systemically important financial institutions cities h.s.b.c. is on this list of people list of banks standard chartered was non standard chartered was not a guy bag for a big fine well standard chartered the distinction between standard chartered with one hand and h.s.b.c. on the other is that in the department of justice wow you best a geisha is going on and while the prosecutors are planning to go after h.s.b.c. members of british financial services people are inside the internal d.o.j. meetings what are they doing inside internal d.o.j.
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meetings those meetings to be closed to foreigners sorry and in fact they were closed in the in the standard chartered case and the only reason that one would be that the british people were allowed in the h.s.b.c. meetings on the one hand but not as just another charter means on the other hand is it standard chartered bank wasn't a g.c. if the it's not part of the f.s.b. as cartel at least it wasn't in late two thousand the right of there wasn't at the time they got tagged h.s.b.c. was and as you point out they are it's a protection racket essentially run by the financial stability board and the bank of international said it was out of sorts a land and these cartel member banks are immune from massive fraud and. this is quite clear in this smoking gun letter you say in the film that on this date in two thousand and twelve is the date america dies quite sad. no i think today americans it was october third two thousand and eight but in the but the
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sense of it there is affectively my point is that i paraphrased my point is that you've got. a supernatural organization that is running roughshod over all these individual countries to protect these banks correct in other words there are immunities that were in other words global standards the rules were first to immunities within the bank for international settlements and they're written out in those communities have been in place for the b.a.'s to protect the i.s. of officials and they've been in place for decades but now they've been improperly extended to the cities and that's the problem and you can look at a case by case by case including h.s.b.c. including cases after each week's b.c. where those cities enjoy immunities in that agreement did that agreements not american law at all why are these mini's and being enforced right and so what the film shows for example is that d.o.j. doesn't really have subpoena power over the cities. to this if he's can pick and
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choose what documents disclose to disclose to the to the justice department on the one hand but even the sitting president can't do that which we know from the next episode nixon tried to pick and choose this documents and he was shot down by the supreme court so explain to me why it is that these criminal banking these criminal banks in the cartel can pick and choose what to disclose in the way of documents to the d.o.j. it did their chief frankly admits this flat out selling its mid is flat out in september of two thousand and fifteen yeah there are the pick and choose what the instance was so the immunity is we're talking about are there's a few there's a few ok one of unity is the unity of banks of corporations that's number one number two is immunity of bank officials in other words people working in the bank so long as they're doing the official business of the bank in question those people are immune from prosecution the third immunity is immunity of documents in other
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words the justice department just can't reach him like it would to a normal criminal defendant and flip the company over and go through every dime they can't do that they can only get this but over darkness the banks juices close and the port community is immunity of assets and you say well it's just b.c. was fined one point one two billion dollars as the film shows that wasn't a find at all that was not a find it was negotiated by h.s.b.c. and it was it was lower than the fine should have been because they just choose whatever they want to do to disclose the bad to the d.o.j. right and. this the whole idea of the first prosecution and itself sounds ludicrous in terms of any kind of legal standard. is well have you ever seen in cases of recidivism or a bank goes back and commits crimes again like h.s.b.c. or like u.b.s. have you received a deferred prosecution torn up and people prosecuted no it's just a way to kick the can down the road and placate the public again the magnitude of this is quite stunning because these this back was called for terrorist. you
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know launderers and and they are repeat offenders as you point out they just are they never seem to get the point that maybe they should stop being criminals and it spreads throughout the entire industry you know every single bank now looks to them and say you know we want to be grow up and be like i just b.c. we have immunity from the law we can launder money at will we have no accountability and that's our goal in life and we want to paracelsus bonuses so but . obviously with this it's amazing maybe comment briefly on this is that here you have a territory london in the city of london which is host to predatory financial terrorists and now you know around saudi arabia they're going to float a multi billion dollar offering at offer value the company two trillion dollars for the obvious in saudi arabia you know they're going to float it through london it's not like a slap in the face of the victims of the london terrorism the westminster bomb
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terrorism the manchester terrorism i mean here's all the evidence right here here's the report it's all valid online you can download this stuff online i mean this is a direct link i mean isn't it kind of like you know not to be inelegant but peeing in the face of the victims it's way worse that it's way worse because if you look at the power of the the cartel banks now have. william blackstone was the one who came along at seven hundred sixty five and in the commentaries of england he said the king can do no wrong and by that he doesn't mean as a matter of fact the king you know wrong he simply saying this is a statement of complete power of a monarchy it's plenary power of a monarch and the banks now enjoy that power they can do no wrong literally they can do no wrong they can commit crimes with total impunity which gives them it makes them legally more powerful than the government so in other words the sovereign in the us is supposed to be we do people first three words of the khat student right it's not we do people the sovereign authority in the us the sovereign
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power of the us is a criminal global banking cartel period full stop we got out there thanks veronica has a report thank you all right that's been the show thanks for watching i'm max kaiser my guest today was john titus is the filmmaker behind all the plenary men available online if one reads this on twitter it's guys report the likes of bio. manufacture to censor the public will. when the really close is protect themselves. with the flaming. lips and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick.
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armstrong collymore. we're going to be your hosts for the treat down the seventy confederations cup in russia we're going. visiting the host cities or so chief. in moscow can be great when i'm talking full of course also politics i think pretty much covering every topic the fans need to know about the head of the match so don't forget to tune in to some field it's going to be fun. let's talk about blackness and the bills of being black. and always well in a big house down the at least that's what i've been told but it was simply that we in remains as such because we simply forgot. the scene we've allowed them to rearrange their paint you've told us the sickness of trusting our enemy we became
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defamed. that's what i call a lack of blackness or understanding the blues of being black. sheep the blues of being black should mandate that we attack knowing how when and what to do to come the simple in his national has been black is simply tat the feelin blue is black and blue. believe. me. the.
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american professor receives death threats over a facebook post promising a campus lockdown. in the latest example of racial tensions boiling over in the u.s. and now a quick warning you may find the following images distressing. video emerges online of was alleged to be a white helmets rescue or disposing of the bodies of beheaded syrians still. close with fewer than one hundred days to go before she finds the general election chancellor angela merkel publishes her personal a tizzy of all things german. and some of the u.s. intelligence is the best minds get by.


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